Our Services

Hardware or software – we provide affordable solutions to a variety of IT issues

Here at Syston Computer Repair we pride ourselves on offering a range of affordable and high-quality solutions to all of your computer repair or IT support needs. We have the tools, experience and knowledge to diagnose your problem and supply you with the most cost-effective fix, whilst ensuring the highest possible standard of service and workmanship. See below for a list of our most common repairs and services, or call now for a free quote if your issue isn't listed.

Virus Removal

Our unique "PC Clean Up" service is intended to remove damaging viruses, whilst speeding up your PC's operation and optimising it for ease-of-use.

Windows/OS Reinstallation

We can reinstall your windows OS to reset your PC to factory settings and speed up operation, we also support Apple OS X and Linux operating systems.

Screen Damage

Cracked or damaged screens, no display, flickering screens, we provide screen replacements for a variety of laptop models.

Hardware Upgrade

We provide a multitude of hardware upgrades options to get the most out of your PC, whether it's some extra storage, memory or a new GPU.

Battery Issues

Dead batteries, batteries not holding charge, we provide affordable and high quality replacements.

Chassis Damage

Damaged lids, hinges, cracked plastics, screw mounts.

Trackpad / Button Damage

Broken or jumpy touchpads, intermittent or non working touchpad buttons, whether it's a Macbook or laptop.

Port Damage

Damaged or intermittent USB ports, audio sockets, or any other ports your laptop may have.

DC Jack / Charger Issues

Broken DC power sockets, non-working chargers, we provide low-cost replacements.

Data recovery

We specialise in recovering and protecting your personal data, recovering important files, family photos and backing them up onto a new drive.


Laptops getting hotter under the base than usual. Fans spinning loudly as a consequence, or not at all. Blocked or impeded airflow.

Keyboard Issues

Broken/missing keys, keys not working, we can replace keyboards on a large variety of models.